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02/05/2018 · Charles Barkley has apologized for saying he wants to punch Draymond Green in the face. In an appearance on "Waddle and Silvy" on ESPN Radio Chicago, the TNT commentator opened his interview by apologizing for the remarks he made during halftime of Tuesday's game between the Warriors and Pelicans. 02/05/2018 · There will be no heavyweight bout between NBA star and former NBA star turned TV analyst — or at least not because of the ill-conceived barbs Tuesday night between Charles Barkley and Draymond Green. After Barkley said on-air that he wanted “to punch him in the face so bad,” referring to.

06/05/2018 · Charles Barkley apologized Wednesday for what he said were “inappropriate” comments he made about wanting to punch Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green in the face during Tuesday night’s NBA halftime show on TNT. How the Charles Barkley and Draymond Green Punch Fiasco Started and Ended by Michelle Kapusta on May 18, 2018 May 18, 2018 The 2018 NBA playoffs are in full swing, but the storyline that had everyone talking were the comments TNT studio analyst Charles Barkley made about Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green. 02/05/2018 · If Charles Barkley wants someone to punch Draymond Green in the face, the Golden State Warriors star would rather Barkley just go ahead and do it himself. During halftime of the Warriors’ Game 2 win over the New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday night, TNT’s “Inside the NBA” played a clip that. 02/05/2018 · Welcome to FTW Explains, a guide to catching up on and better understanding stuff going on in the world. You may have noticed that Charles Barkley and Draymond Green are talking about punching each other in the face. How did we get here? Let us explain. OK the basics: Who are Charles Barkley. 02/05/2018 · Charles Barkley said he wanted to punch Draymond Green in the face, and Draymond's mom wasn't having it Green's mom shot back at Barkley with some tweets and referred to his involvement in the Bird vs. Erving brawl.

12/06/2019 · Draymond fires back at Charles Barkley saying he wants to punch Green in the face. Sports Motion. 5 months ago 82 views "I think a lot of guys talk on TV, stand behind a microphone and TV screen," Green said. Charles Barkley, a washed-up basketball star who loves to say inappropriate things for shock value, believes it is all well and good to threaten to punch a woman reporter as long as it’s a “joke.” On Tuesday night, Axios reporter Alexi McCammond tweeted that in an interview, Barkley. 02/05/2018 · Charles Barkley on Draymond Green: 'I want to punch him in the face' The irony here? Barkley and Green's games have long been compared, with both being scrappy, undersized forwards known for their trash talking.

03/05/2018 · Charles Barkley proclaimed he wanted to punch Draymond Green in the face while on air Monday night; however, after a strong response from Draymond Green, Barkley took a step back and apologized Wednesday night: “What I said was inappropriate. I would never punch an NBA player, I would never punch. 24/05/2017 · Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal are known for getting into light-hearted arguments during NBA on TNT but during coverage of Tuesday night’s Cavaliers v Celtics game the atmosphere became tense as the two exchanged insults over their careers. Chuck, or I’m gonna punch. 05/06/2019 · Green, like Marchand, has a knack of playing physically. Plus, Barkley decreed in 2018 he’d like to punch Green in the face, too. During the interview with Sportsnet, Barkley said, “That little Marchand dude, man, he makes me want to punch him in the face sometimes.”. 03/05/2018 · One day after repeatedly saying he wanted to punch Warriors forward Draymond Green in the face, TNT analyst Charles Barkley apologized on Wednesday. Barkley first did so on a Chicago-based radio show. Then, while appearing on TNT’s “Inside the. How the Charles Barkley and Draymond Green Punch Fiasco Started. 05/09/2018 Golden State Warriors, NBA, NBA Playoffs. The 2018 NBA playoffs are in full swing, but the storyline that had everyone talking were the comments TNT studio analyst Charles Barkley made about Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green.

Charles Wade Barkley Leeds, Alabama, 20 de febrero de 1963 es un exjugador de baloncesto estadounidense que jugó durante dieciséis temporadas en la NBA desde 1984 a 2000. Está considerado uno de los mejores ala-pívots bajos en la historia de la liga. 02/05/2018 · Of course, Green was asked about Barkley’s comments after the Warriors dispatched the Pelicans, 121-116. The Warriors forward said that Barkley was essentially blowing smoke, and that if he wanted to try and punch him in the face in person he has many opportunities to throughout the year, presumably when the two are in relative. 01/05/2018 · And when it came to Charles Barkley’s candid commentary on TNT, where the analyst and Hall of Famer expressed his displeasure with Green’s antics at halftime and said “I want to punch him in the face so bad,” Green took a familiar tact. He went right back at his opponent. 02/05/2018 · On Tuesday night, we spun the wheel and landed on a Charles Barkley-Draymond Green feud that escalated very quickly. It began when the TNT crew was discussing a jawing match between Green and Rajon Rondo and Barkley said, matter of factly, “I just want somebody to punch. 02/05/2018 · Green dares Barkley to punch him in the face 0:39 Draymond Green reacts to Charles Barkley's comments about him and dares Barkley to throw a punch the next time they see each other.

02/05/2018 · Draymond Green responds to Charles Barkley: "If you're not going to punch me in the face when you see, then shut up." Draymond Green and Rajon Rondo were chest-to-chest, yelling at each other during a heated playoff game, and Charles Barkley wanted a piece of. 02/05/2018 · Charles Barkley has never pulled his punches, but maybe in this occasion he should have done just that. During the Tuesday broadcast of Inside the NBA, a clip was shown of Warriors forward Draymond Green getting into it with Pelicans guard Rajon Rondo. As the two exchanged words Barkley commented that he wanted to punch Green in the face. 02/05/2018 · Charles Barkley Really Wants to Punch Draymond Green, but His Mom Is Not Having It. By Dan Cancian On 5/2/18 at 4:22 AM EDT Share. Sports NBA Playoffs 2018 Charles Barkley NBA playoffs Golden State Warriors. 02/05/2018 · Draymond Green isn’t exactly everyone’s favorite NBA player, but the former Michigan State star is causing Charles Barkley to say crazy things. Draymond Green isn’t in the NBA to make friends, that much is clear at this point in his career. He’s in the league to win rings and sometimes get.

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